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The Computers: Hit me where it hurts

The Computers | The Hospital Club | 10 August 2016

You don’t need a physics degree to know that releasing lots of energy in a confined space can cause an explosion. And when tireless five-piece The Computers are let loose in a function room, that’s exactly what happens. Figuratively of course.  

During an hour-long set, hyperactive singer and natural entertainer Al Kershaw repeatedly disappears into the crowd and pulls people onto the already overcrowded stage. At one point, he even leaps on one of those round bar tables, using it as a podium to incite audience participation. The masses oblige – testament to his talent as a frontman, and the good vibes created by the band’s “garage-soul punk ‘n’ roll” songs.

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Fatherson: Notice me now

Fatherson | The Hospital Club | 11 May 2016

Fatherson’s debut album sounds like a young band finding their feet. The songs are definitely there; the confidence perhaps not.

But two years on the road can be transformative. And tonight the three young men from Kilmarnock – all 23 – deliver an outsized performance more suited to Wembley Stadium than a soulless function room. Their energy and enthusiasm barely contained by a too-small, too-low stage, the trio plus touring guitarist roll out one giant chorus after another. In the process, Ross Leighton, Marc Strain, and Greg Walkinshaw reveal how the songs from 2014’s ‘I Am An Island’ have grown in the live arena, while showcasing the forthcoming ‘Open Book’ with tunes that are even more anthemic.

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