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JW Jones raising the temperature at Borderline

Canadian blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter JW Jones is headed to the UK for an 18-date UK tour.

The live shows, including a performance at Borderline on 2 December, are in support of his new album, ‘High Temperature’, which is released on 20 October 2017.

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Matt Andersen: People get ready

Matt Andersen | The Borderline | 25 May 2017

(Photo credit: Laurence Harvey)

One of Matt Andersen’s favourite albums is Aretha Franklin’s ‘Amazing Grace’. Recorded with a church choir in 1972, the live LP captures the then 30-year-old singer belting out standards like ‘Climbing Higher Mountains’ as if her life depends on it. “It’s all about the delivery,” he explained to me recently.

The same can be said of the Canadian singer-songwriter’s own performances. Sitting alone on stage, with just an acoustic guitar and a bottled water for company, he strips back his songs to their bare bones. But anything the live renditions lose in instrumentation – none of the drums, brass, and electric guitar flourishes of the studio recordings make it onto the stage – they more than gain in heart and soul.

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Sari Schorr: A force of nature

Sari Schorr & The Engine Room | The Borderline | 20 March 2017

(Photo credit: Eric Duvet)

“Everybody is so clued into each other,” says Sari Schorr of her backing band, the perfectly named The Engine Room. “That allows us to be very dynamic and creative on stage and the show doesn’t get boring – because we never know what’s going to happen,” she laughs.

So when they run into a few technical hitches, breaking in the revamped Borderline’s brand new sound and lighting system, they just keep on rockin’ like there’s no tomorrow. The show must go on, as they say in the classics. And, quite frankly, this show is one of the classics.

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The Good Life: Take me for all I am

The Good Life | The Borderline | 20 February 2016

When The Good Life last played London, Bush and Brown were in charge, the first iPhone and final Harry Potter book had just come out, and the world’s best-selling album was by Avril Lavigne.

So when the band return to The Borderline for the first time since 4 December 2007, there’s much catching up to do. ‘Lovers Need Lawyers’ from 2004’s ‘Album Of The Year’ and 2007’s ‘You Don’t Feel Like Home To Me’ are instant refreshers, before frontman Tim Kasher apologises.

“We haven’t been here in a long time.”

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Fatherson are an ‘Open Book’ at The Borderline

Fatherson are heading out on their biggest UK tour to date in support of their new album, ‘Open Book’.

The follow up to their self-released 2014 debut, ‘I Am An Island’, is out on 3 June 2016 and the Scottish trio are spreading the word out on the road for most of February. That includes a stop at The Borderline in London on 23 February 2016.

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Dan Patlansky: Bring the world to its knees

Dan Patlanksy | The Borderline |  27 April 2015

The walls of The Borderline are lined with old performance photos of musicians who’ve gone on to sell out arenas and even stadiums. If his sold-out show is anything to go by, it won’t be long before Dan Patlansky’s picture is up there alongside Pearl Jam’s.

The South African uses the launch of his new album, ‘Dear Silence Thieves’, to showcase not only his natural talent as a virtuoso blues guitarist but also his ever-expanding skills as singer and songwriter. Case in point: the fiery funk of set opener ‘Backbite’ is a world away from the 12-bar blues he cut his teeth on – a concise, catchy radio hit-in-waiting. Here in the freedom of the live setting it plays out a little longer than the version on record, thanks to one of his signature searing solos that show off his chops (and accompanying facial gurning) without a trace of self-indulgence.

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