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John Metcalfe: Just let go

John Metcalfe | Elgar Room | 29 May 2016

Within the space of 30 minutes, John Metcalfe has strapped on an electric guitar, hunched over a bank of keyboards, sat at a red grand piano (which he describes as “a bit Richard Clayderman”), and eked all the emotion from a viola. And that’s just the opening piece of a sublime 90-minute performance that draws heavily from the musician’s equally inspired 2015 album, ‘The Appearance of Colour’.

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John Metcalfe looks to London

John Metcalfe, the composer, producer, arranger, violist, and guitarist who has worked with the likes of Blur, Coldplay, and Peter Gabriel, is taking his solo work out on the road.

The live shows, which include a 29 May 2016 date at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room, will find Metcalfe joined by Birdy’s backing singer Rosie Doonan, Red Snapper’s bassist Ali Friend, and Rae Morris’ drummer Daisy Palmer.

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