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Erja Lyytinen: Slowly burning

Erja Lyytinen | 100 Club | 11 April 2017

(Photo credit: Edyta Krzesak www.edytakphotography.com)

Erja Lyytinen is a phenomenal guitarist. That’s a given. Not just technically brilliant – capable of playing with speed and precision, able to imbue every solo with unique character and tone – she has an edge over many other virtuosos: the ability to cram so much tangible emotion into six strings.  

So when she delivers the cascading, intensifying instrumental break of the magnificent ‘Black Ocean’, it’s as if she’s actually reliving the same dark feelings that went into lyrics like “I need some peace/ Please hear my call”. The jaw-dropping how-did-she-do-that slide solo of swampy Koko Taylor reimagination ‘I’m A Woman’ brims with a lifetime’s worth of admiration for the pioneering singer. And the high-energy performances that propel the nimble ‘Stolen Hearts’ and body-shakin’ ‘Rocking Chair’ overflow with an unbridled happiness.

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Erja Lyytinen stealing hearts at 100 Club

Erja Lyytinen is launching her 10th studio album ‘Stolen Hearts’ with a UK tour that includes a record release party in London.

The launch gig takes place at The 100 Club on 11 April 2017, four days after the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Live In London’ hits the streets.

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