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Apple Music Festival reveals first acts

Rebranded the Apple Music Festival, the iTunes Festival returns to London’s The Roundhouse this September.

Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence + The Machine, and Disclosure are the first headline acts to be announced for the concert series which, this year, has been cut down to 10 events, running from 19 to 28 September.

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Mogwai: The sun smells too loud

Mogwai | The Roundhouse | 25 June 2015

The Pixies invented the loud-quiet-loud dynamic. Mogwai perfected it. Over the past two decades, the Scottish band have stretched the paradigm to breaking point, exploring the beauty of noise and silence, the drama of contrasts.

And that’s exactly what they’re still doing. The second of two 20th anniversary shows is awash with crunching guitar riffs and waves of feedback, brought back from the edge of chaos by interludes of delicate fretwork and luminous keyboard melodies.

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Beck: Where it’s at

| Beck | Roundhouse | 3 September 2014 |

Beck’s not one for standing still, his eclectic back catalogue leaping from hip-hop folk to psychedelic country via disco funk and indie rock. Tonight, in person, he’s equally mercurial, a livewire performer who, in the space of 75 minutes, embodies an aggressive punk kid (‘Novocane’), teen slacker (‘Loser’), tie-dyed fireside balladeer (‘Blue Moon’), sexed-up Prince circa 1982 (‘Debra’), foot-stomping busker-with-harmonica (‘One Foot In The Grave’), and roof-raising MC (the climactic finale ‘Where It’s At’). Without missing a beat. Or, seemingly, taking a breath.

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Arcade Fire: Here comes the night time

Arcade Fire | The Roundhouse | 11 November 2013

The rumours start in the queue outside. David Bowie will be joining the band on backing vocals. LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is DJ for the night. And Jesse from ‘Breaking Bad’ will probably be in the crowd – he’s been begging his Twitter followers for tickets.

Of course, none of this turns out to be true. But nobody cares. They’re just here to see Arcade Fire play songs from their brand new (Murphy-produced, Bowie-featuring) album, in the relative intimacy of The Roundhouse.

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