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Glenn Hughes: This is my town

Glenn Hughes | Islington Assembly Hall | 21 January 2017

(Photo: Eric Duvet)

“I’m all about love and giving the love back,” admits Glenn Hughes. And, during an impassioned London show, that’s exactly what he delivers: every song is performed with all his heart and soul, every spoken gratitude filled with genuine appreciation for an audience who willingly reciprocate – whether it’s for the man himself, his music, or his ill mother.  

Never is this shared affection more evident than during the quiet moments of a deeply affecting ‘You Keep On Moving’. As Hughes raises his indomitable voice to the heavens, its simultaneous power and fragility moves a packed Islington Assembly Hall to uncharacteristic silence and – as the moment of intimacy ends – deafening roars, some fuelled by beer, most by love. Continue reading Glenn Hughes: This is my town


Glenn Hughes: Let it shine

Photo credit: Georgina Cates

Glenn Hughes was in agony.

“I remember walking off stage at some point during my show in London last year and telling my assistant: ‘I don’t think I can finish the show’. I was sad, I was crying, I was actually in so much pain, but the audience was so amazing they just lifted me.”

It’s a testament to the then 64-year-old’s resilience that nobody noticed – but the mercurial performer knew he couldn’t continue to fight through the pain night after night. Confined to a wheelchair offstage, the only solution was to have both knees replaced – one in December 2015, the other in January – and undergo months of physical therapy. But not content with merely learning to walk again, Hughes also spent the recuperation period writing songs.

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