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EL VY: We’ll come back someday

EL VY | Electric Ballroom, Camden | 10 December 2015

Gone are the black suit and bottle of red wine. In their place, a comfortable white shirt and slacks, cocktail in a plastic cup, and a clearly more relaxed Matt Berninger.

Free of the pressures of his increasingly high-profile day job, the singer from The National is out to have a good time. Although that’s all relative; whether he’s hunched, eyes closed, over the mic stand or pacing up and down, flicking the microphone cord behind him, his vocal performance is as intense as ever. It’s the between-song exchanges with EL VY co-conspirator Brent Knopf that are as fun, loose, and idiosyncratic as the songs from their debut album.

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The National + Menomena = EL VY in London

EL VY, a new band from The National frontman Matt Berninger and Menomena’s Brent Knopf, are set to play London in December.

The group (whose name rhymes with “hell pie”) play Electric Ballroom in Camden on 10 December in support of their debut album, ‘Return To The Moon’.

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The National: You must be somewhere in London

The National | Alexandra Palace | 13 November 2013

Matt Berninger needs time to warm up. Dressed in suit and tie, the bearded-and-bespectacled National frontman looks like a socially awkward university lecturer as he nervously paces to-and-fro. The gulps of red wine from a plastic cup only reinforce the impression.

But by the encore he’s been swallowed up by the crowd, raging “Mr November, I won’t fuck us over” somewhere amongst the first few rows, without a thought for the roadie desperately wrangling the microphone cord.

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