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Mark Lanegan Band: Still-life with roses in a vase

Mark Lanegan Band | KOKO | 12 December 2017

Mark Lanegan’s voice is so rich and textured that he can, and sometimes does, perform without a full band. But while there’s a purity and intimacy to the stripped back approach, there’s a real thrill to hearing the songs as they were recorded, those robust vocals paired with equally uncompromising instrumentation.

The five songs performed from far-reaching current album ‘Gargoyle’ especially benefit from a full musical palette. Brooding set opener ‘Death’s Head Tattoo’ pairs a motorik beat and rumbling bassline with muted but threatening guitars; the off-kilter waltz ‘Sister’ takes full advantage of keyboards and female backing vocals; the bright and breezy ‘Emperor’, all shiny happy guitars and lush organ swells, swings like an Americana hit on speed; the industrial blues of ‘Nocturne’ would lose its menace without the synth drums and pounding heartbeat bassline; and ‘Beehive’ absolutely needs those jangly guitars and that Peter Hook-Stephen Morris groove to sound like the best song New Order never wrote.

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Mark Lanegan Band returning to KOKO

Following the recent release of his tenth album, ‘Gargoyle’, and a sold-out UK tour in June, Mark Lanegan is returning to London’s KOKO on 12 December as part of an extensive European tour.

The tour will be preceded by the release of ‘Still Life With Roses’, a six-track EP of remixes from ‘Gargoyle’ by producers picked by Lanegan including Andrew Weatherall, Adrian Sherwood and Pye Corner Audio.

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Mark Lanegan: It falls like heaven’s rain

Mark Lanegan | Union Chapel |  3 May 2016

In concert, Mark Lanegan likes to stand still. In his career, not so much. Always moving forwards, since the initial success of Screaming Trees his discography is one of solo and band recordings, collaborations, side projects, and “imitations”. ‘An Evening With Mark Lanegan’ embraces all of it, creating a cohesive set by stripping back the music and focusing on what’s important: his ragged baritone.

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