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Mogwai: The sun smells too loud

Mogwai | The Roundhouse | 25 June 2015

The Pixies invented the loud-quiet-loud dynamic. Mogwai perfected it. Over the past two decades, the Scottish band have stretched the paradigm to breaking point, exploring the beauty of noise and silence, the drama of contrasts.

And that’s exactly what they’re still doing. The second of two 20th anniversary shows is awash with crunching guitar riffs and waves of feedback, brought back from the edge of chaos by interludes of delicate fretwork and luminous keyboard melodies.

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Jared James Nichols goes for glory

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Jared James Nichols is set to play an intimate London show as part of a mini UK tour.

The Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles-based musician will play The Blackheart, London on 23 June ahead of his special guest slot on Glenn Hughes’ European tour that kicks off in September.

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Paul McCartney at London’s O2 Arena

On 23 May 2015, Paul McCartney celebrated his 50th live appearance in London with an almost three-hour 40-song set. And “up-and-coming rhythm guitarist” Dave Grohl showed up to lend a hand.

Nick Cave: Push the sky away

Nick Cave  | Eventim Apollo | 2 May 2015

“Look at me now!” bellows Nick Cave during ‘Jubilee Street’, somewhat unnecessarily. That’s exactly what everybody in Hammersmith’s sold-out Eventim Apollo has done for the past 90 minutes, seemingly transfixed by the messianic troubadour’s every move.

There’s a reverential silence while he performs ‘The Mercy Seat’ alone on stage, his impassioned vocal of defiance and redemption backed by nothing more than the minor chords he beats out of the grand piano. There’s a thrust of hands clamouring for his chest as he leans in and, as per the lyrics of ‘Higgs Boson Blues’, suggestively asks the diehards congregated at his feet: “Can you feel my heart beat?” Even during a rare outing for the almost-forgotten ‘Black Hair’, there’s hushed singing along from the crowd, awestruck either by the maudlin ballad’s return to the set or Warren Ellis’ plaintive accompaniment on accordion.

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