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Glenn Hughes: Let it shine

Photo credit: Georgina Cates

Glenn Hughes was in agony.

“I remember walking off stage at some point during my show in London last year and telling my assistant: ‘I don’t think I can finish the show’. I was sad, I was crying, I was actually in so much pain, but the audience was so amazing they just lifted me.”

It’s a testament to the then 64-year-old’s resilience that nobody noticed – but the mercurial performer knew he couldn’t continue to fight through the pain night after night. Confined to a wheelchair offstage, the only solution was to have both knees replaced – one in December 2015, the other in January – and undergo months of physical therapy. But not content with merely learning to walk again, Hughes also spent the recuperation period writing songs.

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The Browning: Live your life with no regrets

Jonny McBee is tired. Not surprising really; he’s coming towards the end of a month-long European tour. And much of today has been spent on the 250-mile drive from Plymouth to London by way of Stonehenge. But he’s not about to let something like lack of sleep get in the way of a good show.

“Once you go up on stage, you don’t care about anything,” the singer says, three hours before The Browning perform at Dingwalls. “Even if you have a bad back that day and you have to be on stage, your bad back is gone. If you have to pee like crazy before you go on, when you get on stage you don’t need to pee anymore.” Continue reading The Browning: Live your life with no regrets

HONNE: Give you what you deserve

Just two years after they first met, HONNE’s James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck are a few weeks from headlining one of London’s most iconic venues, The Roundhouse. Theirs has been a rapid rise, signposted by this year’s UK Top 40 debut album ‘Warm On A Cold Night’, sellout tours of the Europe and US, and slots at summer festivals like Glastonbury and Latitude.

Now co-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hatcher tells us about what he and frontman Clutterbuck each bring to the group, finding their sound, bonding over Radiohead, the song that best sums them up, and the fan with a HONNE tattoo on his chest.

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Psychic Ills: We could try it one more time

“I can’t imagine not playing music,” admits Tres Warren.

As the frontman of Psychic Ills, he and Elizabeth Hart have been doing just that for over a decade.

“We met in art class and just had things in common,” he remembers of meeting the group’s bassist at university. “We were a couple, we were together for a long time and started a band. Now we’re like family and we’re still playing music together,” he explains.

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Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown: Cashing in instead of cashing out

Tyler Bryant’s first visit to London has involved some fairly standard tourist stuff: Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Denmark Street, the tube. But there’s also been the small matter of performing to at least 40 000 people at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

“It was a rush,” the singer and guitarist grins with some understatement.

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Dan Reed Network: Never fade away

Photo credit: Amanda Rose

“When we were younger,” remembers Dan Reed, “a lot of our egos were involved. So we always wanted to make sure we shined as individuals and we had a lot of arguments about that consequently.

“Now we all realise it’s OK to not show off. In fact, it’s better to not show off, and give each other space to have time to think and to feel the music, as opposed to pushing it onto people.”

But don’t for one second think Dan Reed Network have gone soft. ‘Fight Another Day’, their first album in 25 years, more than lives up to its title – and the funk-rock legacy of classic songs like ‘Ritual’, ‘Get To You’, and ‘Rainbow Child’.

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Joana Serrat crosses the verge

Joana Serrat’s third album, ‘Cross The Verge’, does just that. Not only exploring new musical territories, its recording saw the  singer-songwriter travel from her home in Vic, near Barcelona,  to Montreal, Canada so she could work with producer Howard Bilerman on a collection of deeply personal songs.

She tells us about those songs, others she wishes she’d written, Garbage, Neil Young, and “foggy pop”.

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