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Teleman: Put on your favourite song

Teleman | KOKO | 14 April 2016

Teleman thrive on precision. By definitively solving the man-machine equation, they’ve succeeded at packaging the full range of human emotions in impeccable, song-shaped boxes. Some are unpacked at KOKO tonight – more swing to the drumming, longer guitar solos, additional synth textures – but without a trace of needless excess. In fact, by ensuring the flashiest part of the show is Thomas Sanders’ shirt, the quartet reinforce just how meticulous and important their music is.

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Teleman heading to KOKO via ‘Düsseldorf’

Teleman have revealed their brand new single — and the support acts for their upcoming UK tour.

‘Düsseldorf’ is the second single from their forthcoming album, ‘Brilliant Sanity’, and will no doubt be on the setlist when the band hit the road at the end of March, joined by Oscar and Moshi Moshi labelmates NZCA Lines.

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