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Peter Gabriel: Hear that voice again

Peter Gabriel | The O2 Arena | 22 October 2013

Peter Gabriel has ditched the tricks. That giant inflatable Zorb ball, the suspending himself upside down from the stage, and that lumpy-blob-with-inflatable-genitals costume from the ’70s are long gone, but he’s lost none of the showmanship.

Take his ongoing Back to Front tour. Ostensibly celebrating the 25th anniversary of the album ‘So’, this is no straightforward nostalgia act. He’s gone to the effort of rounding up the same musicians he took out on the road back in 1987. He’s recreated the era’s moody staging, complete with the craned lights that glide ominously across the stage, interacting with the band members like giant mechanical stagehands. And he’s buried the evening’s centrepiece, the collection of nine songs that gave us ‘Sledgehammer’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’, in a set that’s not exactly big on hits.

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