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Royal Republic: Let’s have some fun

“We want to make people laugh and smile. We’re not death metal.”

Royal Republic, a band whose repertoire includes ‘Underwear’, ‘Kung Fu Lovin’’, and ‘Full Steam Spacemachine’, know where they stand.

“We’re not about telling you what to do or how to do it. We just want you to come out, forget the bills and your kids, and have a good time with us,” explains Jonas Almén ahead of a sold-out London headline show.   Continue reading Royal Republic: Let’s have some fun


Royal Republic returning to London

Royal Republic are heading back to London for a headline show at The Garage on 7 October.

The Swedish rockers, who played the main stage at at Download in June, last appeared in the capital when they supported Theory of a Deadman in March.

“A wise group once said: ‘Being in a band is like being in a relationship, and concerts are like sex’. The return to Download Festival was nothing short of orgasmic on our part, and by the time Royal Republic hit the shores of the UK again in October, the nymphomania will know no limits,” says singer-guitarist Adam Grahn.

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Royal Republic: A roundhouse kick to the heart

Royal Republic | Electric Ballroom | 2 March 2016

“Four Swedes walk into a room…” sounds like the setup to a really bad joke, especially when one of them’s wearing a Colonel Sanders bowtie. But saving rock ‘n roll is serious business and Royal Republic waste no time getting down to it.

As they rip into ‘When I See You Dance With Another’ it’s immediately obvious there’s a lot more to the Malmö quartet than that old “three chords and the truth” business. Sure, their snappy, no-nonsense songs are so instantly gratifying that, within 30 seconds, you’re shouting along with all the finesse of a lager-fuelled football supporter. Yes, they deliver those foot-stomping hooks and fist-pumping choruses with such power and precision that you can almost smell the testosterone wafting off the stage. But what really sets these men apart is a self-confident swagger and look-at-me charisma that won’t let you look away.

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