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Wilko Johnson: ‘Just get up there and play’

Five years ago, Wilko Johnson never imagined he’d reach 70. But now the straight-talking survivor is celebrating the milestone with his first headline show at Royal Albert Hall.

In the run-up to the gig, he tells us about overcoming a diagnosis of terminal cancer, an unlikely collaboration with Roger Daltrey, learning to live in the moment on stage, the effect of seeing The Beatles and Chuck Berry play live, and pretending his guitar is a machine gun.

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Sophia Marshall says hello with ‘Bye Bye’

Sophia Marshall first made a name for herself as half of Americana duo The HaveNots. Now she’s back with ‘Bye Bye’, her debut solo album, that draws from her alt-country roots while adding traces of folk, rockabilly, indie pop, and even ‘90s trip-hop.

The singer-songwriter tells us about returning after a nine-year hiatus from making music, falling in love with Americana, the importance of sincerity, listening to too much Britpop as a teenager, and the song she wrote in the shower.

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King King are ready to rock on ‘Exile & Grace’

King King are easily Britain’s hardest working blues-rock band. Ahead of ‘Exile & Grace’, their fourth studio album in six years, and their biggest nationwide tour yet, singer and guitarist Alan Nimmo discusses the band’s next natural move, getting an audience to relax, vocalists he admires, and the best guitar solo ever.

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The Blinding Lights aren’t dancing in the dark

The Blinding Lights might sound like they come from New Jersey, but the rock ‘n roll band hail from London where they’ve been making a name for themselves since 2015.

And the brothers Callum, Jack, and Theo Lury aren’t content with just being your standard trio. Live, they’ve been known to expand their sound with the Royal College of Music based string ensemble, The Delphi Quartet, and their own horn section, The Devastations.

Ahead of a string of hometown gigs, the group tell us about the thrill of playing live, family, having fun on stage, and what they’ve learnt from Bruce Springsteen.

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Dearly Beloved: Fun. Love. Bubbles.

Toronto’s Dearly Beloved – formed around the core of singer/songwriter/bassist Rob Higgins and co-vocalist Niva Chow – are bringing their “chaos, tempered by love and delivered with great fury” to the UK.

Ahead of their national tour with Tommy Stinson’s Bash & Pop, Higgins tells us about their latest album ‘Admission‘, playing every song like it’s their last, that time they had “the poops” on stage,  why touring is the best thing in the world, and working with The Ramones’ producer Daniel Rey.

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Christina Martin: Hearts are yearning

As Christina Martin takes her effortless Americana-rock songs around the UK, the Canadian singer-songwriter tells us about her new single ‘Lungs Are Burning’, falling in love with a song in her pink childhood bedroom, making music with her husband, bringing about positive change through knowledge and love, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by nerves, and learning to love London.

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