All The Luck In The World enter ‘A Blind Arcade’

All The Luck In The World are heading out on the road in support of their forthcoming second album, ‘A Blind Arcade’.

The European trek includes a show at The Islington on 16 April 2018.

The Irish trio currently based in Berlin began working on the LP in 2015 after converting a forgotten woodshed in the Wicklow countryside into a studio space they named Haven. Here Neil Foot, Ben Connolly, and Kelvin Barr created their own home-made instruments by sampling organic, acoustic sounds, and began composing songs based around a set of personal and abstract stories.

Those songs, finessed over the period of a year, were then recorded between Haven and Berlin’s Golden Retriever Studio, with the help of producer Paul Pilot.

“It was tedious, but it was exactly what we wanted to be doing,” says Connolly. “It took over our lives for quite awhile, getting lost in detail and learning as we went.

“The hours put in back in Wicklow really paid off when we came to the studio in Berlin. We were not just making simple demos only to start from scratch once in the studio, we built much of the songs before even starting in Golden Retriever. This gave us more time to be creative in the studio, availing of tools and instruments that we lacked back home,” he adds.

“Musically, our sound has changed as we’ve been experimenting at home and in the studio. Not that it’s something completely different, it’s really just that it’s developed naturally over time. We are always looking for subtle points of interest, whether it be in a time signature change or a unique sound; something to trigger the listeners curiosity. We’ve created a few of our own sample instruments for this record and that’s become a defining feature for us I think. It’s was a great way for us to try to create something that felt quite unique to the band. We’ve had more time to craft these songs than we have in the past, so there’s perhaps a bit more clarity in the little details and textures.”

Lyrically too the band pushed themselves.

“We put a lot of thought into the lyrical content of each song, taking our time rather than settling with something we weren’t completely happy with. We are always teeming with musical ideas and it’s a constant priority to maintain a high standard lyrically when we write. It prolonged the process for sure, but the reward is a group of songs that we can be really proud of.

“I think these songs are a little more conceptual than our first record. I wouldn’t say we’d intended it to be that way, but we were definitely taking the time to really discuss some of our song ideas as concepts and stories and think about them from different angles and perspectives.”

‘A Blind Arcade’ is released on 23 February.


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