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OMD facing the consequences at Roundhouse


OMD, who are currently in the throes of an 18-date UK and Eire tour that includes a stop at Roundhouse on 13 November, have shared the video for their latest single,

‘What We Have Done’ is the third 12-inch to be released from the duo’s 13th studio album, ‘The Punishment Of Luxury’, which entered the UK Album Chart at #4 in September.

“The opportunity to combine an abstract aerial aesthetic with human vignettes was not to be missed,” says the band’s Andy McCluskey in describing the video which was shot entirely from a drone’s perspective.

“The viewer is a weightless voyeur of landscape and emotional condition.“

The song itself is the group’s first to feature Paul Humphreys on lead vocals in more than 30 years.

Humphreys describes it as “an intensely personal song about life, love and loss”.

He continues: “It’s about facing and confronting life changing decisions, and situations, that we all have to face at some point in our lives, and then having to live and deal with the resulting and inescapable consequences of our choices.”

The LP it’s drawn from is the first from the ‘80s synth pioneers since 2013’s English Electric and, nearly 40 years after they formed, finds the duo still experimenting with sound.

“On this album we have managed to make beautiful things out of noises and repetitive patterns,” explains McCluskey. “The trouble is, we just can’t help but write a catchy melody!”