Mr Yolk sharing ‘Self-Portrait’ at Flashback Records

Mr Yolk is performing at Flashback Records on 27 October, two weeks before releasing debut album ‘Self-Portrait’.

The project of Velvet Morning and Rocket Ship TV songwriter Samuel Jones (with band mates Enzo Lauvergne, Charlie Carmichael, Antoine Jauneau, and Rich Chapman), Mr Yolk combines psychedelia with more industrial sounds from influences like Wire and The Fall.

“When I started recording, I made the conscious decision to use fewer effects than I have done in other bands prior to this one,” says Jones.

“I wanted to make something that was a bit more concise in its rhythm and hiding behind less of those effects. When you have complete control during the construction of a song and your thoughts get reaffirmed through it, it is a really cool feeling,” he elaborates.

“I recorded ‘Self Portrait’ basically travelling up to Peckham and back constantly throughout the year on my own. A few members of my band would pop in occasionally but in a recording environment, I prefer to be alone.

“It is a personal thing for me, you know. My own sense of humour and views and in some cases vulnerability are on display. I don’t see how you can express those things in a completely diplomatic or democratic way, you know?”

  • ‘Self-Portrait’ is released on 10 November.

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