Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose unlocks ‘Cage Tropical’ at Moth Club

Frankie Rose releases her new album, ‘Cage Tropical’, this Friday and the Brooklyn-based artist will be in London soon to promote it.

She performs at Moth Club on 18 October as part of a wider UK and European tour.

Ahead of the LP’s release on 11 August, she’s dropped a third single, ’Dyson Sphere’, which follows the previously released ‘Red Museum’ and ‘Trouble’.

“‘Red Museum’ is a love song,” says Rose. “It’s a portrait of the kind of fearful thoughts that can run through a person’s head upon the possibility of caring for another person.”

‘Trouble’ is equally autobiographical.

“’Trouble’ came out of the simple realisation that you can’t outrun yourself or your problems,” she explains. “Wherever you go they will follow you unless you address them. I tried. Went to Los Angeles after years in New York and nothing much changed. 3000 miles was a long distance on the map, but it didn’t mean anything was going to shift automatically, unless I made the choice to do it internally.”

Much of the new album deals with that move from Brooklyn to LA.

“I moved to LA, drama ensued, and I ended up on a catering truck,” she reveals. “I was like, how can this be my life after being a touring musician and living off of music. I had really lost my way and I thought I was totally done,” she says of her 18-month stint on the west coast.

“I was literally in my room in L.A., not knowing how I was going to get out. But out of it all, I just decided to keep making music, because it is what I love and what I do – regardless of the outcome.”

She ended up back in NYC, realising that “in the end, I’m on my own. I have to do these things on my own”.

The resulting songs are “all essentially based on what happened to me in Los Angeles and then a return to Brooklyn”, she admits. “Misery turned into something good. The whole record to me is a redemption record and it is the most positive one I’ve made.

“I feel like I am finally free from worrying about an outcome. I don’t care. I already lost everything. I already had the worst-case scenario. When that happens, you do become free. In the end, it’s about me rescuing myself via having this record.”


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