Starsailor head for KOKO

Starsailor are back with their first album since 2009.

‘All This Life’, due for release on 1 September, will be supported by a 12-date UK tour that includes a show at KOKO on 26 October.

“Recording the album was an intense and rewarding experience and we’re excited to get it out there,” declares lead singer and guitarist James Walsh. “There’s a good mix of the aspects of the band people know and love, and a few changes in direction.”

The group, who recently performed at British Summer Time in Hyde Park supporting Phil Collins and Blondie, have already released two songs from the upcoming LP.

‘Listen To Your Heart’ is, in Walsh’s words, “an energetic, emotional song”.

“I think in doing what we do, you have to be emotion and instinct lead. If every decision was sensible, practical and mulled over, we’d never have done anything or got anywhere. It’s not always easy, so you have to keep reminding yourself,” he says.

The quartet have also revealed the album’s title track.

“’All This Life’ came about quite quickly and effortlessly even down to the main lyric,” adds Walsh. “I think that’s why it has an upbeat fresh sound to it. It’s about how easy it is to get weighed down with all the seriousness in life and how important it is finding joy and humour in people and things as much as you can even in small doses. ‘There’s no love without light’.”


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