VŌS: Like a boss

‘Patience’ marks the arrival of VŌS, a London duo influenced by the likes of Banks, Sohn, and James Blake. As their debut single starts making waves, we speak to Robin and Dawn to find out more about what makes them tick.

First things first. How is “VŌS” pronounced? “Verse”? Or rhymes with “boss”?

Like a Boss.

Your debut single, ‘Patience’, has seen you compared to people like James Blake and Banks. Are you happy with those comparisons?

We’re both massive fans of James Blake and Banks, so definitely not complaining. We’ve got a tonne of influences, but some that are further away from the VŌS sound would be US vocal-group Thirdstory and London acoustic act Fink.

Do you think living in London has influenced the way you sound?

Being in London and rubbing shoulders with lots of other writers and creatives means that you’re always hearing new music and new ideas.

What’s the secret to ensuring synth-based songs don’t become soulless, icy, and detached?

Robin: I think the aim is to make the sounds familiar to the listener. If people can relate to it, it’s more likely they’ll be able to connect with it.

Legend has it you originally met at a house party jam. What did you initially bond over – music or otherwise – that made you realise you could work together?

It definitely started with the music – I don’t think we’d said more that 10 words to each other before we got up to play together! After that we just got chatting and realised we had similar influences so got writing straight away.

What do you disagree on – musically or otherwise – that helps make VŌS what it is?

Robin: Dawn’s love of Drake. Haha!

What do each of you bring – as people and musicians – to VŌS?

Dawn: We both enjoy writing and performing together and have our own little parts that we play. Lyrics usually start with me, met by Robin’s production, but there’s always a bit of a crossover.

What do you get out of working with each other that you don’t get from working with other people?

Dawn: For me Robin is the first person I feel totally comfortable opening up and writing in front of and with.

Robin: I really dig how Dawn is forever pushing me to make things even better. We have a great dynamic that allows us to both get as creative as possible.

And, finally, what’s in store for VŌS in 2017?

We’re currently planning a live video session at Abbey Road, which will be a big tick on the bucket list for both of us. We’re definitely going to be releasing another couple of singles, which we’re really excited about. And coming up on 13 June we’re headlining a show at Ronnie Scott’s.


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