katalina kicks

Katalina Kicks launching Vices in London

Katalina Kicks are launching their new album ‘Vices’ with an album release show at Islington’s O2 Academy 2 on 10 May.

Earlier on the same day, the trio play an intimate acoustic in-store set at the London branch of Paul Smith.

“We’re so excited about this album, as it has a real mix of songs and flavours – from our trademark high octane punk rock to slightly more chilled and sophisticated tracks, but all played with the same attitude,” says frontman Ian George. “After spending a fair amount of last year in the studio, we’re really looking forward to getting on the road again and playing this new material to everyone.”

And that enthusiasm extends to the acoustic gigs.

“We started breaking our songs down to do some acoustic shows late last year and that was a real challenge, but they went down really well, surprising many people,” explains the singer. “So that element of the tour playing the Paul Smith shows should be great too to give people a flavour of our slightly more chilled – but still fun and energetic – side.”

The new album, due on 12 May, was first teased by the single ‘Guns’, inspired by Barack Obama’s response to the Sandy Hook school shooting.

“It’s a song of despair,” says George. “The most powerful man in the world, and even he can’t stop the gun madness in his own country. And then after the Paris attacks, Trump said that terrifying quote about if people had guns, less people would have been hurt. So we sampled that just to show the absurdity.”



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