Ulrika Spacek

Ulrika Spacek set for Sebright Arms

Ulrika Spacek return with their second album, ‘Modern English Decoration’, on 2 June.

But before then they’re releasing its lead single ‘Mimi Pretend’ and playing several gigs, including one at Sebright Arms on 22 March.

Featuring longtime friends Rhys Edwards (guitars, vocals, synthesiser) and Rhys Williams (guitars), as well as Joseph Stone (guitars, organ, synths, violin), Ben White (bass), and Callum Brown (drums, percussion) Ulrika Spacek are releasing the new album less than 18 months after their debut, ‘The Album Paranoia’.

“We started making this record as soon as we finished our first. Like our debut, we started with Track One on the album and went from there,” says Edwards.

“Making a batch of songs then ordering them after they’re all finished isn’t something we have much interest in. We enjoy listening to music through the album format and want our records to reflect that.Though we may explore this in the future, our records are not ‘jam’ records. We’re fans of collage based art, and create music in the same way.

“In practical terms, that means they record, produce, and mix all music as well as create the accompanying videos, artwork, and band photos in their shared house, a former art gallery.

“This record was made in various rooms in our house, predominantly in the living room. Every part of the album reflects this, from the title to the setting of the lyrics. Doing everything ourselves is not just necessary: it’s important to us, as it allows us to truly create our own world,” explains Edwards.

That world will be on full display when ‘Modern English Decoration’ is released.


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