Froth are ‘Outside (briefly)’ at The Lexington

As Froth prepare for the release of their new album ‘Outside (briefly)’ on 24 February, the Los Angeles band have announced their London return – and released the video for their latest single.

Singer/guitarist JooJoo Ashworth, drummer Cameron Allen, bassist Jeremy Katz, and guitarist Nick Ventura play The Lexington on 9 June as part of a UK tour that includes an appearance at The Great Escape.

Their most recent London performance features in the new video for ‘Sensitive Girl’, which was shot on Super 8 and also includes footage from a recent South African visit.

“We borrowed a friend’s camera and bought four rolls of daylight film, and then remembered that 90% of days on tour are spent in the van which can be boring for a film,” explains Katz.

“So we tried to have as much fun as we could for the 20 minutes in between getting out of the van and loading in and that’s where most of the footage comes from.”

“I like the video a lot,” adds Ashworth, “because we don’t really make music that you would think: ‘Oh these guys are silly and have a sense of humour’ but we’re pretty average silly guys and you can kind of see that in the video. Especially with Cameron.”

‘Sensitive Girl’ follows the videos for previous ‘Outside (briefly)’ singles ‘Passing Thing’ and ‘Contact’ which, Ashworth explains, “does a good job representing the inspiration of the song through a desperate space-obsessed man”.

Froth first burst out of LA in 2013 with their debut album, ‘Patterns’ and its 2015 follow-up ‘Bleak’ that merged krautrock rhythms with shoegaze. Now ‘Outside (briefly)’ finds them turning down the psych-pop and noise in favour of delicate melodies and moodier moments augmented by synths, cellos, keys, and drum machines, while Ashworth found new inspiration for lyrics in the work of authors Richard Brautigan and Haruki Murakami.


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