Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco walking ‘This Old Dog’ to Brixton

Ahead of his two London shows, Mac DeMarco has announced his new album, ‘This Old Dog’.

Due on 5 May, his first full-length LP since 2014’s ‘Salad Days’ will be released a few weeks before his dates at Brixton Academy on 30 and 31 May.

The album reveal has been accompanied by two singles, ‘This Old Dog’ and ‘My Old Man’, that showcase a new sound, inspired by his move from Queens to Los Angeles.

“I demoed a full album, and as I was moving to the West Coast I thought I’d get to finishing it quickly. But then I realised that moving to a new city, and starting a new life takes time.

“Usually I just write, record, and put it out; no problem. But this time, I wrote them and they sat. When that happens, you really get to know the songs. It was a different vibe,” explains the 26-year-old musician born MacBriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco.

“The majority of this album is acoustic guitar, synthesizer, some drum machine, and one song is electric guitar. So this is a new thing for me,” he explains.

“This is my acoustic album, but it’s not really an acoustic album at all. That’s just what it feels like, mostly. I’m Italian, so I guess this is an Italian rock record.”



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