Laucan gets ‘Up Tomorrow’ at The Vaults

Laucan, 27-year-old Laurence Galpin, is readying for the launch of his debut EP, ‘Up Tomorrow’, with a live performance at The Nest Collective.

The show takes place on 29 January at The Vaults.

‘Up Tomorrow’, released on 10 March, showcases the distinctive falsetto Galpin developed after the breakup of an old band.

“I didn’t want anyone hearing my songs through the door of my room,” recalls the musician raised in Lewes, in the South Downs, “famed for its Wicker Man-esque bonfire celebrations”.

Upon moving to London, and feeling out of step with the city’s pace, he looked back to  British psychedelic “folk music of increasing obscurity” for influence and began writing songs like ‘DLMA’ (Don’t Love Me Anymore).

“Eventually,” he says, “I decided that either I release them or I just give up writing music.”

Working with Andrew Phillips of Ninja Tune’s post-rock duo Grasscut, he’s brought those songs to life with his falsetto, reverberant guitars, synth atmospherics, tender percussion, and even bird song.


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