Patch & The Giant

Patch & The Giant ‘stole all they had’ at the Brewhouse

Patch & The Giant are launching their debut album ‘All That We Had, We Stole’ with a special show at the Brewhouse in London on 10 February.

The indie-folk quintet – Luke Owen (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin), Angie Rance (backing vocals, accordion, trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, harmonica, mandolin), Gabriel Merryfield (violin), Derek Yau (cello, double bass), and Nick Harris (backing vocals, bass guitar, percussion, acoustic guitar, harmonica, banjo) – then take the LP on tour across the UK.

“We recorded most of this album over Easter 2015 and it’s been gestating since long before then,” says Angie of the record, produced by Nick Trepka. “A lot of musicians talk about the process of making and releasing an album as being a like nurturing a child, now we get this. It’s like the longest pregnancy ever. The whole journey has been glorious, emotional and we’ve been able to work with so many brilliant and creative minds at every stage of the game.

“Even though we can’t wait to get the record out there, it’s also a weird and slightly reticent feeling that this process will have finally come to its end and we have to release these songs into the wild.”

Those songs, which include the single ‘Flowers’, shanty-sounding ‘A Local Man’, and mournful ‘The Day You Went To Sea’, harness elements of indie, rock, and blues, as well as the energy of their live performances

“As soon as we began talking to Nick about working together, he was adamant that we should record as much as we possibly could live,” says the band. “So we locked ourselves into the studio and didn’t leave until we had an album. It’s quite a varied mix and we feel it says a lot about who we are, who we’ve been so far and who we’re becoming.”

Since releasing their debut EP ‘The Boatswain’s Refuge’ in 2013, they’ve played everywhere from Green Man Festival to Wilderness and supported the likes of The Twilight Sad and Roo Panes.


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