M Craft

M. Craft’s ‘Blood Moon’ rises at the Forge

M. Craft is performing his latest album, ‘Blood Moon’, in its entirety at an intimate headline show at the Forge in Camden on 2 February.

Tickets are available now.

Released in June 2016, Craft’s third LP was influenced by the seclusion he experiences living in a cabin on the edge of the Mojave desert.

“The silence around Joshua Tree is otherworldly, deep, almost impossible,” Craft reveals. “But once immersed in this silence, you notice that it’s not really silence at all. Little flecks of sound, which would have gone unheard on a city street corner, become like splashes of neon. The rustle of wind in a smoke tree, the hoot of an owl, the beating wings of a passing crow, all become vivid, important. Musical.”

Drawing inspiration from the blood moon, the album began as a series of unstructured, experimental piano pieces.

“I’d long been planning a piano-based record and I found a recording studio in Echo Park with a hundred-year-old Mason and Hamlin concert grand piano,” explains Craft. “I simply sat down and improvised, with no plans or direction. Over a few months of these sessions, I ended up with several hour-long pieces of piano music. Taking everything back to the desert, I started to carve shapes from these pieces and songs started to form.”

Featuring songs like ‘Chemical Trails’, ‘Blood Moon’ has been compared to Talk Talk’s ‘Laughing Stock’ and Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Seven Swans’, but its uniquely Craft’s.

“I hope the record takes the listener off into the clear night air of Joshua Tree, that profound, neon-flecked silence, the star-spangled skies of the Mojave desert, under that lonely little sphere of rock caught in a red shadow.”


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