Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! get intimate at Moth Club

Los Campesinos! are playing an intimate headline show in London that will see them showcase material from their forthcoming album for the first time.

The band wrap their tenth anniversary year with the performance at Moth Club on 4 December. Support comes from Weddings.

Tickets go on sale on 30 September.Formed in Cardiff in 2006, the seven-piece spent the summer recording their follow-up to ‘No Blues’, the 2013 album that found the group taking a more focused musical approach.

“I think we definitely know more now what we want to achieve and how to go about trying to achieve it,” said guitarist and songwriter Tom at the time of its release. “With this album we wanted it to be super melodic, but with arrangements that enhance rather than cloud those melodies, while also bringing in new textures, new sounds,” he added. “Something like ‘Clarity’-era Jimmy Eat World via Clams Casino seemed like a funny enough starting point to run with.”

It’s unclear what their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled, album will sound like when it’s released next year. But it’s certain to be as interesting as its predecessors.

Said Gareth back in 2013: “We’ve always attracted the frail indie kids as well as grown-arsed, beer-bellied men, mirroring the transition I’ve undergone during the course of the band, I guess. But this is a strength of Los Campesinos! Those disparities are why we’re interesting.”


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