The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures washing over XOYO

The Wave Pictures have shared their new single, ‘Pool Hall’, and announced a nationwide winter tour that includes a stop at XOYO on 1 December.

Tickets are available now.

‘Pool Hall’, taken from upcoming album ‘Bamboo Diner in the Rain’, is a tribute to the now shuttered East London venue where, according to Dave Tattersall, they “used to play all night long, fuelled by Fosters and the cheese toasties they made behind the bar”.

“Your past gets closed down bit by bit. What pool halls and cheese toasties does my future hold?” asks the guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter.

“Of course, we live in a bankrupt culture, one that celebrates bongo pop morons and largely ignores the real thing. So we can’t really be surprised anymore when our pool halls get shut down. Everyone is staying home, interfacing with their machines.”

The track itself echoes the group’s battle against the machines through their old school approach to recording.

“This track slows down marginally in the last minute,” Tattersall freely admits. “You won’t find a click-track at any of our recording sessions. I choose instead to think of this as a deepening of the groove, as occurs in the last minute of ‘Speedo’ by The Cadillacs, the greatest record ever made. There were no robots to contend with in The Cadillacs’ days.”

Other names referenced on the new album, the follow-up to 2015’s Billy Childish collaboration ‘Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon’ and recent acoustic record ‘A Season in Hull’, include American Primitive, John Lee Hooker, and Link Wray as Tattersall, drummer Jonny Helm, and bassist Franic Rozycki continue to fight the fight for good music.

  • ‘Bamboo Diner in the Rain’ is released on 11 November.

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