Bayonne looks to Shacklewell Arms

Bayonne, aka Roger Sellers, is heading over to London from his home base in Texas. He plays Shacklewell Arms on 20 October in support of his debut album, ‘Primitives’.

The record, which has drawn comparisons to the work of Panda Bear, Caribou, and Owen Pallett, originated from melodies improvised with a looper.

“I found out that I could make these songs really spontaneously and have this really good idea without having to get into the studio to capture it right away. Most of these songs came out of me just fucking around, hooking up keyboards and experimenting,” reveals Sellers who created the loops over the course of six years – either on stage during his shows or while improvising at home.

From these basic melodies, Sellers selected complementary patterns that were then carefully layered to create the songs that appear on ‘Primitives’.

Take the single ‘Appeals’.

“‘Appeals’ was one of the first songs I ever composed using a sample cut completely from an older song,” he explains. “The piano loop at the beginning was cut from a song that I recorded when I was about 17. I liked the way the piano sounded, so I wrote a whole new song around that loop.”

The result is a collection of songs big on emotion.

“That’s all of it – emotion,” says Sellers. “I want the music to carry people in some way, and I want them to feel what I’m feeling. I want my music to be an emotive expression.”

And, it turns out, music has been an emotive expression for him since childhood.

“My parents got me a drum set when I was 6 years old and I became obsessed. I wanted to be Phil Collins for so many years as a child. He was my hero. I feel like you can hear that a lot in ‘Primitives’, that big drum sound, because so much of the way I play was learned from Phil Collins.”

‘Primitives’ is released on 4 November.


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