Marching Church

Marching Church telling it like it is at The Victoria

Marching Church, from Copenhagen, will be playing a series of live dates around the release of their second album, ‘Telling It Like It Is’.

Originally a solo project for Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, the now-bonafide band play The Victoria on 14 November. Tickets are now available.

On the new LP, Rønnenfelt has created songs that are more cohesive and thematically unified than before – as evidenced by the collection’s lead single, ‘Heart of Life’.

“We have here one world united under the sparks of one enormous disco ball hanging over us like the moon. In one fleeting moment in the light of its mirrored surface we see human endurance, in the next we see doom,” explains the frontman, better known as the lead singer of Iceage.

He’s now joined in Marching Church by Iceage bandmate Johan S. Weith (electric viola, guitar), Kristian Emdal (bass), Anton Rothstein (drums), Jakob Emil Lamdahl (trumpet), and Bo Høyer Hansen (guitar).

Complementing the core musicians on ‘Telling It Like It Is’ are the Stargaze Orchestra’s Maaike van der Linde (flute) and Thora Sveinsdottir (strings) as well as Choir of Young Believers’ Sonja La Bianca (saxophone).

The new album, due on 28 October 2016, follows the band’s debut, 2014’s ‘This World Is Not Enough’, an eclectic mix of soul, post-punk, and improv that came about after Rønnenfelt was daydreaming at a venue where Marching Church were due to perform.

“What I pictured was me in a comfortable armchair, adorned in a golden robe, leading a band while a girl kept pouring me champagne when I required it,” Rønnenfelt explained. “This raised the question: ‘What sort of music would go along with this picture?'”


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