Creative Adult

Creative Adult bring ‘Fear Of Life’ to MOTH Club

Creative Adult are spreading the word about their new album, ‘Fear Of Life’, out on 5 August.

In the run-up to its release, the San Francisco post-punks who play MOTH Club with Self Defense Family on 14 October, have shared the new track ‘Moving Window’.


Showcasing the band’s love of ‘80s British indie music, the track is, in vocalist Scott Phillips’ words, “an homage to wandering minds worldwide; the perma-dreamers and observant types fascinated with trivial inquiries or small interactions”.

It follows the previously shared ‘Heal’, another track from their second album, of which guitarist Michael Bingham said:”Like any good piss it happened without thinking about it, and felt good.”

These two tracks are just two of the nine comprising ‘Fear Of Life’, the culmination of six months spent writing and recording.

“We spent less time practising songs over and over and more time just forming rough skeletons so when we went into the studio we had a ton of material to play with,” explain the band – also comprising guitarist Anthony Anzaldo, bassist Mike Fenton, and drummer James Rogers.

Recorded fully analogue and produced by Jack Shirley and RJ Phillips in California, the songs were influenced musically by Explosions in the Sky, Spaceman 3, and Oasis while the lyrics were treated as “an attempt to delineate how it feels to be alive at the moment with respect to all emotions”.


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