Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter crossing his fingers at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Ian Hunter is heading to Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 11 November 2016, with a new album in tow.

‘Fingers Crossed’ is the follow-up to 2012’s ‘When I’m President’ and features ‘Dandy’, his homage to David Bowie.

“I think ‘Dandy’ might be my favourite track on the album,” admits the singer who first worked with Bowie on Mott The Hoople’s 1972 breakout ‘All The Young Dudes’. “David was an incredible artist with an insatiable curiosity for everything.”

“I’m delighted with ‘Fingers Crossed’,” adds Hunter who, since the ‘70s, has written songs like ‘All The Way From Memphis’, ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’, and ‘Cleveland Rocks’.

His new, self-penned 10-track collection was recorded at New Jersey’s HOBO Studios with co-producer Andy York and features Hunter’s current backing group, Rant Band. The musicians’ invitation to jam at Memphis’ legendary Sun Studio inspired the song ‘Ghosts’, while the title track is a 1750s naval tale.

“I’ve no idea where it came from as I simply woke up one day with the line ‘I was pressed into service, through no fault of my own’ and from there the song took its own course. It could only go one way. It’s great when you get a strong opening line,” explains Hunter.

‘Bow Street Runners’, in turn, is inspired by the true story of the Fielding Brothers.

“In the 1700s half-a-million people lived in London and there were no cops, so crime was rampant. It was crazy. One of the Fielding brothers was known as Blind Beak – he couldn’t see but he could smell crime and recognised thousands of criminals by the sound of their voices – so the story goes. The brothers Henry and John Fielding formed the Bow Street Runners, Britain’s first Bobbies,” reveals Hunter, the voice of such albums as ‘All The Young Dudes’, ‘Mott’, and ‘Ian Hunter’.

  • ‘Fingers Crossed’ is released on 16 September.

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