Heaven 17

Heaven 17 and B.E.F. join forces

Heaven 17 are celebrating the 35th anniversary of their debut album, ‘Penthouse & Pavement’, with a series of UK shows that culminate in a performance at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 30 October 2016. 

Glenn Gregory and Martyn Ware will be performing a new electronic version of the LP in full before B.E.F. (British Electric Foundation), on their first ever live tour, play their own set.

Founded in 1980, after Ware left The Human League, Heaven 17 signaled their arrival with debut single ‘(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang’. Banned by the BBC, it was followed by the songs ‘I’m Your Money’, ‘Play To Win’, ‘Penthouse and Pavement’, and ‘The Height of the Fighting (He-La-Hu)’ that helped push their first LP to the Top 20 of the UK charts and Gold certification after 77 weeks in the Top 100.

Within a year, Ware released the first studio album under the B.E.F. moniker, ‘Music of Quality and Distinction Volume 1’. An album of cover versions, it featured guest appearances from the likes of Tina Turner, Sandie Shaw, Billy MacKenzie, Paula Yates, and Ware’s Heaven 17 partner, Glenn Gregory.

Gregory is part of B.E.F.’s first live touring lineup, alongside Ware, Mari Wilson, Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock, and The Farm’s Peter Hooton who will be presenting new arrangements of songs from the collective’s back catalogue.

“Having worked with Martyn for so many wonderful years as Heaven 17, performing with B.E.F. is like finally getting the golden key to the executive toilet,” says Gregory.

Adds Ware: “What an honour it is to have such talented and iconic artists performing on our first-ever live B.E.F. tour. Over the last 35 years, B.E.F. has worked with some of the most famous singers on earth, and for our fantastic shows this October, Glen Matlock, Peter Hooton and Mari Wilson will each be performing one of their most famous songs, together with surprising cover versions done in the unique B.E.F. electronic style.

“Add to that the inimitable Glenn Gregory (I’m sure I’ve heard that name somewhere), and the 35th anniversary performance of new electronic arrangements of ‘Penthouse And Pavement’ and you have our greatest live show ever.”


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