Sari Schorr is A Force of Nature at Half Moon

New York-based blues-rock singer Sari Schorr launches her debut album at Half Moon Putney on 5 September.

The show forms part of an extensive UK tour in support of ‘A Force of Nature’, produced by Mike Vernon, who has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Eric Clapton, and Fleetwood Mac.

“My songs are rooted in the blues and honouring that long tradition is important to me,” explains Schorr, who trained as an opera singer. “My songwriting draws heavily on contrasting melodic hooks with aching harmonies. I spend a lot of time working over and rewriting my lyrics. I rely heavily on imagery and enjoy using double-entendres that are entertaining to those who catch them,” says the vocalist whose influences range from Son House and Bessie Smith to Peter Green and Robert Plant.

As such, her debut album blends blues, soul, and rock in a collection of songs reminiscent of the late ’60s British blues movement.

“I set out to write achingly honest songs about the beauty and the tragedy of the human experience,” says the singer-songwriter. “I hope my music can be a galvanizing force to inspire, repair and unite people. I try not to allow constraints on my writing or my performance of the songs. Most often, I manage to trust my intuition and honestly, Mike Vernon brings out the best in the artists he works with.”

On ‘A Force of Nature’, Vernon and Schorr worked with guitarists Walter Trout, Innes Sibun, and Oli Brown as well as keyboard player John Baggott. Former Robert Plant band member Sibun also forms part of Schorr’s new band, The Engine Room.

“The Engine Room truly is a remarkable band,” she says. “Something magical happens when we’re on stage together. We’re fuelled further by the audiences’ reaction and everything’s possible. I love touring and enjoy the privilege of meeting so many like-minded people who share our love of the blues.”

  • ‘A Force of Nature’ is released in the UK and Europe on 2 September.

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