Skating Polly

Skating Polly roll into Camden

Last year they toured the UK for the first time, supporting Babes in Toyland on their reunion shows. Now, following the release of new album ‘The Big Fit’, Skating Polly are on their way back.

In London, the step-sisters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo have their sights on Camden’s The Lock Tavern on 14 June 2016.


To celebrate, the duo have released a new video for their song ‘For The View’.

“I wrote ‘For the View’ after panicking pretty badly at a hardware store,” explains Bighorse. “For me it’s about being out of my element and not handling it very well, but sort of making fun of myself.”

The track is just as personal as the two previous songs released from ‘The Big Fit’: ‘Oddie Moore’ and ‘Perfume For Now’.

“When I first started writing ‘Oddie Moore’, I never expected it to turn into a what it has,” says Bighorse. “Every single word means so much to me, and now it feels almost like I’m throwing my journals out for anyone to read… While I’m excited for everyone to hear it, it’s still a little terrifying putting it out there.”

Not to be outdone by Bighorse, Mayo puts her unique stamp on ‘Perfume For Now’ with its “L7 anthem type chorus and a noisy basitar solo”.

“It’s about trusting someone with all your heart and then realising they’re despicable and not worthy of your admiration,” she explains.

The duo started out when Bighorse was 14 and Mayo 9, making recordings in their parents’ living room.

“I love singing, and it’s really all I ever wanted to do,” says Mayo. “One day, I realised I could make up my own songs and then discovered it was easy enough to make a sound with an instrument – even if I didn’t know exactly how to play it.

“Peyton had always wanted to be in a band. I love and respect her and don’t have such a connection with anyone else on the planet. Since she was my best friend in the world, it seemed like a fun experiment we should do together.”

Six years later that “experiment” has seen them move from Oklahoma to Tacoma, near Seattle and share stages with the likes of Kate Nash, L7, The Flaming Lips, Deerhoof, and Wavves.

“I think people can tell we’re pretty authentic,” Mayo says of their success. “People can tell when songs don’t mean it, no matter what the song’s about. We try to be ourselves…and to make everything catchy.”


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