Odonis Odonis hitting The Waiting Room

Odonis Odonis, the Toronto-based industrial-synth trio, are heading to London’s The Waiting Room on 20 June 2016, just three days after the release of their latest album, ‘Post Plague’.

Post-apocalyptic anthem ‘Vanta Black’ offers a glimpse of the new LP.


“The time for half measures has passed,” explains lead singer Dean Tzenos. “We need to be bold to make the changes needed to ward off an impending doom.  Enough of constant overanalysing and overthinking that has stopped progress. We need to look deep into the abyss and jump head first into the darkest substance ever known, vanta black.”

‘Vanta Black’ is the third ‘Post Plague’ track to be teased, following the equally bleak ‘Needs’ and ‘Nervous’.

“‘Needs’ is the song that caused our band to snap, let go of the past and progress as something new,” say the band, rounded out by bassist Denholm Whale and drummer Jarod Gibson.

“The world is quickly becoming a cold place to live. Narcissism has reached an all time high. This song confronts this new climate. How far are you willing to go at someone else’s expensive? When communication is no longer face to face it gets easier to step on people on the way to the top.”

‘Nervous’, meanwhile, focuses on the future rather than the present.

“Since the beginning of human existence, mankind has obsessed with creating perfection, but the flesh will always remain flawed. We now live in an era where we can selectively post on social media and create an idealized version of ourselves to present to the world. What if you could take that one step further? What if you could be the perfect version of yourself? Take a full body image scan of yourself at your favorite age and transplant all your favorite memories into a perfect Avatar of one’s self. Sounds crazy but all of this is around the corner and things are about to speed up.”

Odonis Odonis first broke out with their  2011 debut album ‘Hollandaze’, which introduced the Canadian underground music scene to their “industrial surf­gaze”.


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