Swans (credit: JensWassmuth)

Swans are ‘The Glowing Man’ in Islington

Swans return with a new album, which will be supported by an extensive tour including two London shows at Islington Assembly Hall on 13 and 14 October 2016.

The band, led by Michael Gira, formed in 1982 and, after disbanding in 1997, returned with the albums ‘My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky’ (2010), ‘The Seer’ (2012), and ‘To Be Kind’ (2014).‘The Glowing Man’ is the last album by Swans’ current incarnation.

“I hereby thank my brothers and collaborators for their commitment to whatever truth lies at the centre of the sound,” Gira wrote. “I’m decidedly not a Deist, but on a few occasions – particularly in live performance – it’s been my privilege, through our collective efforts, to just barely grasp something of the infinite in the sound and experience generated by a force that is definitely greater than all of us combined.

“When talking with audience members after the shows or through later correspondence, it’s also been a true privilege to discover they’ve experienced something like this too. Whatever the force is that has led us through this extended excursion, it’s been worthwhile for many of us, and I’m grateful for what has been the most consistently challenging and fulfilling period of my musical life.”

‘The Glowing Man’, due for release on 17 June, was recorded at Sonic Ranch, near El Paso, with John Congleton as recording engineer. Additional recording took place at Congleton’s Elmwood Studio, in Dallas, at Seattle’s Studio Litho with engineer Don Gunn, and at CandyBomber in Berlin with engineer Ingo Krauss.

“Going forward, post the touring associated with ‘The Glowing Man’, I’ll continue to make music under the name Swans, with a revolving cast of collaborators,” said Gira. “I have little idea what shape the sound will take, which is a good thing. Touring will definitely be less extensive, I’m certain of that!

“Whatever the future holds, I’ll miss this particular locus of human and musical potential immensely: Norman Westberg, Kristof Hahn, Phil Puleo, Christopher Pravdica, Thor Harris, and myself mixed in there somewhere, too.”


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