White Denim

White Denim rocking around Roundhouse

White Denim are back with their sixth album and biggest London headline show to date.

Having previously sold out Shepherd’s Bush Empire, the Austin rockers are playing Roundhouse on 11 October 2016 as part of a full run of UK shows in support of new album ‘Stiff’.

Tickets are available now.

Produced by the legendary Ethan Johns, the follow up 2013’s ‘Corsicana Lemonade’ sees vocalist/guitarist James Petralli and bassist Steve Terebecki returning to their rock roots.

“The big thing for Steve and I was trying to define what made us want to keep going,” Petralli says of the album’s gestation. “What’s our partnership about? What’s cool about this? We learnt a lot making ‘D’ and ‘Corsicana Lemonade’.

“We wanted to take some of those lessons and apply it back to our original mission statement. We were trying to get back to some of the things that made us excited about the band in the first place,” says Petralli.

“It’s similar to our first record in that we found the initial energy and just went with that. We thought, what’s the fundamental thing that made us want to get into a van and quit our terrible jobs and start this whole thing in the first place? And it was loud, fast-playing, rock and roll.”

Invigorated by new members, guitarist Jonathan Horne and drummer Jeffrey Olson, they set about recording what Petralli describes as a “high heat, high energy, good times record” made “entirely the old way”.

“It was tracked live to 16-track tape with very little overdubs,” says the singer of the 20-day recording session. “It was very hardcore record making – traditional in every aspect,” he adds.

“Having Ethan in the room pushing us really made it more of an ‘in the moment’ and a visual thing. Capturing live performances is what he does really well.”


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