Mt. Wolf

Mt. Wolf set for Oslo Hackney

Mt. Wolf had a full March, releasing their latest EP and making their live US debut.

But the coming months will be just as busy, with the band heading out on tour ahead of releasing their first full-length album this autumn.

Singer and producer Sebastian Fox, guitarist Stevie McMinn, and drummer Alex Mitchell bring their unique blend of skittering electronic beats with hymnal tenor vocals to Oslo Hackney in London on 10 May.

Tickets are now available

Leading up to the release of their EP ‘Hex’, the band played three live shows in Los Angeles within a week and made their debut at SxSW where they were rated as one of NPR’s top 100 Acts to Watch.

The band, who released the EP ‘Red’ last year, recently released the video for ‘Hex’ track ‘Anacrusis’.

“We spent some time in Dorset recently,” the trio wrote on Facebook, “to clear our heads and get out of the city. Our friend Jeb from Phoria came along with us and filmed a video of us hanging out and playing together for ‘Anacrusis’ – using a technique called lens whacking.”


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